Bible Study Toolbox

I love to study the Bible and watch God work.  I have led a Bible study for almost six years.  I, also, helped to lead the mom’s Bible studies ministry at my church for about three years.  During this time, I have written all sorts of the devotions and guided prayer times.  Please feel free to use this stuff to bring your Bible study groups closer to knowing God. Enjoy!

Devotions Just for You or for a Small Group Bible Study

New Year Promises, Possibilities, and Prayers

Below is small devotion I did in January to start our year off right.  Feel free to omit anything that stops the flow of where the conversation is headed.

New Year Promises

When You Feel Spiritually Dry

There are times when we all just feel spent and dried up spiritually.  I found myself feeling this way, when God sent Psalm 42:1 to my phone.  As I worked through that Psalm, I began to hear God speaking again.  Here is the devotional I wrote after going through that time.

Click here for the devotional- Come to the Water

How to Flee Anxiety

As my group worked through if:gathering’s study of Philippians, I created a lesson to work through Philippians 3.  We camped out on the words from Philippians 3:1 where Paul says that we can safeguard our hearts by rejoicing in the LORD.  Below you can find the Bible study we did during our Bible study time after reading Philippians 3.

Click here for the lesson- guarding-your-heart

Be Careful What You Pray For?

To set the stage of how important our prayer time is in my small group, we worked through this “worksheet”.  We broke up into groups of three and did the first page.  Then, we came back together to share our thoughts.  Depending on the spiritual maturity or cohesiveness of your group, consider doing the second page together.  Knowledge of the Holy Spirit can be wide and varying and might need extra support.

Click here for the lesson plan- be-careful-what-you-pray-for

Planting Seeds of Faith

This one-session study was created to give confidence to those feeling nervous that they, perhaps, could not be in a Bible study- to calm the first day jitters.  I, also, wrote it to work through the story of the seed landing on fertile soil.  In an effort to raise my group’s Biblical literacy, I created an acrostic for reading the Bible- SEEDS.

Click here for the lesson plan- Seeds of Faith lesson.

Click here for the bookmark- SEEDS bookmark.