The Storm In Me

There are times when the “crazies” are louder than any other voice in my head.  If you can relate, feel free to download these Bible verses I use to let the Word of the God Almighty fight back the crazy storm in me.

Words to Calm the Crazies

Jesus Sees You

To be seen.  To be recognized. That is a deep human need and desire.   We don’t want to be invisible.  We want someone to acknowledge that we matter- to make eye contact and be called by name.  It can turn a day around. If you find yourself, feeling invisible and unheard, I understand your pain.  Here are some verses that have brought me comfort when I am feeling alone and invisible.

Jesus Sees You

Spacious Places

It is hard to feel space, huh?

What’s girl to do?  Go to the one Source that created the spacious places.  If you are feeling claustrophobic from the life God is calling you live, you need to seek Him out and He will show you the little spaces in your day.

Find verses that make you breathe deeply.  Click below to print out one that makes me take a big sigh of relief.

Spacious Place Printable