My Story

Hi, I’m Janelle.  I have about 150 favorite things in life.  My favorite part of my life is living life with my husband, Brian.  He is an incredible human being who gives me space to be me.  We have three little lovebugs, who make life truly fulfilling. Other favorites of mine are sweet forever friends, fireflies, sea salt caramel anything, fall, the mountains, and sitting in quiet places.  I am a person who loves the work Jesus has done in my life.  I love to mull and discuss anything about God and what He says in the Bible.

God has walked me out of deep valleys and into the morning sun.  I love nothing more than to help other ladies do the same.   My goal in using this space is to take the thoughts God gives me and tell whoever will listen.  May you see that you are deeply loved.  May you see that there is nothing, nothing that keeps you from knowing that God is crazy about you.


Below are blog posts about key points in my life where God worked.  May you see how personal and powerful God can be!

When I Knew God was Real


Twinge of Sadness

Pinpointing Shame and Shutting It Down


Here is my prayer for this space…

Beginning Prayer