Bible Character Reading Plan- David (study guide and printables)

An emotional roller coaster.  The depths of despair.  Impulsive.

Have these words ever described you?  Yes?  Well, you are not alone.  A guy in the Bible named David could have, also, used these words to describe himself.  Do you know how God described this man?

A man after God’s own heart.  (Acts 13:22)

It gives a girl hope, doesn’t it?  There are lots of ways to study the Bible.  One way is to study the characters of the Bible and what they wrote.  David is an easy one to start with because he was a prolific writer.  It helps to read the events of David’s life to understand why he wrote what he did.

I have broken up David’s life into six sections.  Each section is different lengths.  The first section has 18 selections.  One day you can read a portion of David’s story.  Then, the next day I picked a Psalm that corresponds with David’s life. You can, of course, combine the two and make it a 9-day reading plan. Each section of follows this pattern.  They just differ in lengths. Click here and I will send you the study guide.

What might you get out of reading about the life of David? Some things you will learn…

  • some of Israel’s history
  • what God looks for in a person
  • how to pray
  • beautiful words of hope
  • reading about a person in the midst of hope deferred

I am sure you will come up with more things that you pull from your own reading.  Remember this is YOUR relationship with God and God is speaking to YOU.

On top of the study guide, I created printables with some of my favorite verses David wrote.   Let’s write the word of God on our hearts, so the peace of God will rest on us.


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As a bonus, I made a study guide for children!

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My name is Janelle and I am so glad you are here. I am a person who God brought out of a dark pit and set in a spacious place to be healed and really live. I love to study, read, and ponder all things that will lead me to understand who God is and what He is doing in my life. May what you read in this space lead you to walk closer to the God that is crazy in love with you.

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