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Somewhere between the Christmas play at church, the little nativity scenes around your house, and the hymns about Christmas, the actual story of the coming of the Savior can get lost.

Within the story of Christmas are real-life people who lived actual lives.  They got up and did their ordinary life in the Roman-controlled Middle East.  They did not seem themselves as big players in the God’s story of redemption.  Until one day…

One day an angel appears to them, and everything changes.

But, what was life like before all those things changed?   Some times the Bible can seem so flat, almost two-dimensional because it’s story seems stuck on the  page.  To really understand the Bible, we need to make it real.  We need to understand the people, the times, and the culture.

Author Shauna Letellier brings the Bible to life.  She wrote a book earlier this year, Remarkable Faith: When Jesus Marveled at the Faith of Unremarkable People, that brought to life the stories in the Bible where ordinary people put their faith in Jesus.  I loved it so much that my small group at church read it this fall.  The book set us up to go into the Christmas season so grateful Jesus came to this Earth.

Now, Shauna Letellier has written a free eBook called “A Remarkable Advent: Stories of the Ordinary People God Chose to Fulfill His Extraordinary Plan.”  She wrote a 25-day devotion that walks us into the story of Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary, and Joseph.  It is an easy-read that will bring depth to your  understanding of  the extraordinary moments that led four ordinary people to do the work of God.

This downloadable book will be great to read one little snippet each day in December.  For the avid reader, it can be read in a couple of sittings, perhaps as you travel to your holiday celebrations.  To download it, click here.


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