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  During the month of November, I am writing about prayer.  Prayer is the most personal way you can talk with the God that created you.  You were meant to pray.   You were meant to talk with God.  Today I suggest books that have helped me with my prayer life.

Spontaneous prayer can happen in a stressful moment- think “no atheist in a foxhole.”  However, lifelong praying happens by methodical practice and forming habits.  Learning to love to pray comes from learning more about the almightiness of God.  The best way to do this is to read through the whole Bible.  It, also, helps to read from other humans to learn their thoughts and methods on prayer and seeking God. Here are some books that helped me to become a better pray-er.

  • The One Year Chronological Bible NIV– There are many different programs and Bibles for reading through the Bible  in one year.  I like the chronological Bible because I am a history buff and enjoy seeing the God’s story played out in human history.
  • Whispers of Hope: 10 Weeks of Devotional Prayer by Beth Moore-  Do you need a new method to pray?  This book offers you a devotion, accountability, and a place to write out your prayers.  After ten weeks, you will have adopted a new a habit to pray and will begin to notice all that God is doing.
  • Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit by Francis Chan- Is the Holy Spirit a weird entity of God?  Do you not understand the concept of God living in you?  This book is very powerful and enlightening.  In a way that only Francis Chan can explain, the Holy Spirit becomes real and you will see that your prayer life is changed with this new understanding.
  • Finding Spiritual Whitespace: Awakening Your Soul To Rest by Bonnie Gray- I cannot say enough good things about this book.  Bonnie Gray is simply exquisite in how she gives us permission to truly pray and let God into the hardest parts of our lives.
  • No Less Than Yes: Personal Encounters With The Promises of God by Connie Patty-  Missionary Connie Patty describes her year in and year out journey with Jesus as she serves in Eastern Europe.  I was encouraged by how much Connie prays and then gives recognition to God for the answered prayers.  Her book challenged my prayer life.
  • The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom- This book was written many, many years ago, but the prayer life and devotion of the Ten Boom family in the harrowing times of World War 2 is hands-down inspirational.  In this book, I learned more about prayer, listening and doing the brave commands of God than in almost any other book.
  • Streams in the Desert by L.B. Cowman- This book is the most lovely book written for those going through the most horrible moments.  The book is broken down into daily devotions.  Each day takes no more than five minutes to read, but it can prompt very honest conversations with God.

You can have a great prayer life.  You will not be hit by lightening.  You can stutter, mumble, and stumble and God will still hear you.  Remember- He is crazy about you and just wants to talk to you.  Happy reading, praying, and growing!

What books have prompted you to pray more consistently, more honestly, and with more reverence for the great God who loves you?


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