Book Review: Remarkable Faith by Shauna Letellier

Do you ever feel like the “heroes of the Bible” are not relatable at all?  Do you ever feel like your faith needs to be big and well put-together to matter for the kingdom of God? Would you describe yourself having a faith that is weak and hanging on by a thread? Author Shauna Letellier had the same thoughts and feelings a few years ago.  She set out to study the Bible to see what kind of faith is actually found in the Bible.  Out of that study, came her book Remarkable Faith: When Jesus Marveled at the Faith of Unremarkable People.

I loved this book. Working through eight stories from the Bible, Shauna wrote to show that God works creatively in each willing person to bring them to faith through Jesus. Each chapter has a scripture reference and closing thoughts. However, the strength of her book lies in her creative way to bring these Bible stories to life. After quoting the Scripture, Shauna transports the reader back in time to when Jesus walked this Earth. She makes it easy to understand the hardships and anguish that occurred in that day of the Roman Empire. Shauna, accurately, picks up on the nuances of the traditions, attitudes, and customs of the day.

By describing perfectly these different people found in the Bible (a demon-possessed man, a paralytic, a blind man, a former prostitute to name a few), it helps the reader begin to see why these people sought out Jesus. Each person had their own stories, but all of their stories led them to seek and find faith in Jesus. Shauna spends very little time at the end of each chapter in application, but she does not need to. The stories speak for themselves.

Even though I am not a paralytic, a prostitute or any of the people in the Bible stories, I could see me faith in each of these stories. There is so much grace found in this book. There is, also, no deviation of who God is and the faith it takes to believe in Him. She does not waver from Biblical truths to make her vignettes work. Rather she lets the unknown and all-powerful parts of God speak through her story. She, also, lets the grace and love Jesus has for humanity shine in each of her stories.

This is a beautiful book and made me praise Jesus for the work He does here on Earth. I will be using it this fall in my Bible Study, in hopes that the ladies in my group will grow to understand that their faith, however small and desperate, is beautiful in the sight of God.


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