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This is an exciting week for my church.  We are getting ready for our mission’s conference.   It is always a lovely, convicting, and motivating weekend.  I love books written by missionaries or about missions.  It is always great to read about the great work God has been doing for all time in all parts of the world.  Here are some books I have enjoyed reading over the past few years.  Happy reading!

No Less Than Yes: Personal Encounters With The Promises of God

This book was written by Connie Patty, one of the founders of Josiah Venture.  Her book tells of her life so far as a missionary in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe.  Her book was so enjoyable that I read it in one weekend.  I loved learning about how Patty, her husband, and a few other people started a mission organization by just saying “yes” to what God called them to do.  Her book resonates with me because it shows how much prayer and reliance goes into following God daily and doing what He says is best.
Available: Any Bush Will Do

This book came to me by way of my parents and the church I grew up in.  It is the outstanding story of Doris Ekblad-Olson.  She was a missionary in Hong Kong and Mongolia.  Now she lives in Colorado and has written a memoir of her life as a missionary.  The places and experiences that Doris has had in her life are amazing.  Again, just like Connie Patty, it comes from just saying “yes” to all God has called her to do.  This book gives insight into the church in China and all that God is doing that we do not know about.

Winter Road

I got the book, Winter Road, last year at my church’s mission conference.  It reads almost like letters and diary entries from a missionary named Andy Frecka.  Frecka worked for YWAM (Youth With a Mission) in Perm, Russia.  The book is a light read that exposes the daily life of doing missions in Russia.  It is so encouraging to read about how God literally works in every single culture because His word is for all people.  This book, also, gives insight into the perseverance of God’s word through communism right into today.

From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya

This book is for the history buffs.  My friend gave me this book a while back and I am so grateful he did.  It is a sweeping history of missions from Paul to the 1980s.  This book describes all sorts of missionaries and mission organizations.  It is, also, interesting to see how the understanding of missions and missionaries has changed over the history of the western world.  By reading this book, I could see gaping problems in Christian missions.  It is messy, but God works with even our most feeble attempts. I can, also, see how God is continuing the work of those who went before me.  I loved this book.

There are so many more books that come to mind, but those are four of the  most recent books I have read.  Some times it can feel as if God is not doing anything in the world.  However, perhaps it is just that I am reading the wrong stories.  The news channels are not going to pick up on these stories and I feel like that is how God wants it to be.  He IS doing a good work in the world.  People are turning to Him and His good story.  It is important to stay connected to the work He is doing.  These books have helped me to do just that.  I hope they do the same for you.


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